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PoliSpina is the ideal solution for those who want to start a new business or supplement an existing business (supermarkets, laundries, hardware, etc.) with a small space dedicated to selling detergents in bulk.

PoliSpina can handle from 4 to 12 different products and with its patented technology is able to produce over 2,000 liters of detergent occupying an area of ​​less than 12 square foot (47.2 inches wide, 35.4 inches deep, 70.8 inches in height).

This allows:

  • greater autonomy;

  • a significantly lower number of stocks recovery operations;

  • lower transport costs;

  • extremely limited space for storage of products in stock;

  • less weight to move;

  • cleanliness and simplicity in the recovery stocks: PoliSpina replenish their stocks with the simplicity and immediacy comparable to the change of the ink cartridge of a printer!

  • extremely low power supply required: 40 Watt. It consume like a night-bulb!

The Dispenser is equipped with a printer that produce, at the time, the right label to apply on bottle just filled. Can be equipped with a change-giver to make coins and banknotes reader autofill for an immediate payment by the customer, as well as management of electronic money (Electronic Transponder “Keys”). Can be equipped with GSM system for various signals and telemetry. For retail shops is provided the “Barcode”, so that the payment can be made by reading the bar code at checkout. In this case, at the first purchase, the bottle is canceled at the checkout, by the application of an adhesive circular shoplifting.