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The distributor of detergents PoliSpina gives you the opportunity to expand the business area of your shop by offering an eco-friendly service, increasingly demanded by the market and interesting in terms of economic return.

  • The small size of the dispenser allows insertion into small spaces.

  • The operation is completely self-service.

  • It’s simple to use: you pay, you place the bottle, press the button of the detergent you want, attaches the label to the bottle.

  • The detergents are professional quality and over 90% biodegradable.

  • The autonomy of the machine is very high.

  • The detergents that distributes PoliSpina costing up to 40% less than prices in supermarkets.

  • The refilling of the stocks of the machine is less frequent because PoliSpina prepares detergent to sell directly on site.

  • PoliSpina is technologically advanced, because of the now proven market experience of Bollicino, from which it inherits some of the technology.

  • PoliSpina counts on a team of experts, both technically and commercially.

PoliSpina is free from any form of franchising and is produced by a structure that can offer a complete service:

  • supply of equipment;

  • assistance;

  • installation;

  • obviously high quality DETERGENTS.